First Stop Costa Rica! – A wedding, some beach time, trekking, volcanoes & hopefully Turtles!

An invitation to my cousin Matthew and his beautiful bride-to-be Eli's wedding provided the perfect excuse to head to Central America – thanks guys! We're looking forward to celebrating with you!

Both Eli & Matthew are keen photographers, so I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to share ideas and learn from their different experiences. One thing is for sure, there will be no shortage of images to share; I'm just glad they haven't asked me to shoot the wedding!

We're super-excited to see a country we haven't visited before, despite having close family there for my whole life. There's no excuses now though; no 9 to 5 job making long trips difficult, just enough possessions to fill a rucksack (and a lot of secure cloud storage for photographs and client work) and we're off.

We'll be blogging and of course adding images all the time. I've decided not to add any older images to the NOMAD site, wanting it to be a contemporary resource, a live record of the world as it stands.

With Eli & Matt's wedding in a beautiful area just outside San Jose, in the Central Valley, a celebratory beach trip, three active-looking volcanoes, turtle breeding season, and one of the most diverse habitats on earth in a country a similar size to Wales, this is going to be a visually stunning trip.

So check back regularly for more images and information on Costa Rica from tourists with a real local's perspective!