Digital Marketing

Let NOMAD maximise your return on investment

What Do We Do?

We provide a wealth of marketing solutions, freeing up your time to develop the business you know best!

How Do We Do It?

How do we work?
Drawing from our branding specialism, the first step in any project is to understand your story. What makes you who you are, why do you offer the products you sell? We want to explore your aspirations and understand your needs as an organisation, as well as your existing marketing initiatives in order to formulate the best strategy for your future communications.
We need to understand your brand’s position in it’s market and how your competitors behave. We do this through exploration sessions with you, as well as research of competitors’ brand presence. We look to understand your customers’ behaviour and preferences, so we can tailor your communications to match their expectations.
Using all of the information gathered, we will work with you to create a solid brief, detailing the marketing strategy to be followed and the methodology to be used. We identify the key marketing channels, media and language, as well as the services we will provide and how they will be measured in terms of success.
Once we have agreed a detailed brief, it’s time to implement your marketing campaigns!

We specialise in organic inbound marketing, as the power of reputation and referral is undeniable in todays’ social media driven world. This focusses on honesty and value for your clients, essential building blocks for you brand’s identity. We understand that every brand is at a different stage in it’s lifecycle however, and utilise paid social and search campaigns alongside organic SEO, social & content marketing.
Digital marketing offers the benefit of detailed analysis of your audience behaviour and testing of different campaigns’ success rates in order to maximise your return on investment. Combining this ability to track acquisition and conversion online with your physical marketing campaigns, through bespoke landing pages and split testing means that you can more easily trace your print marketing too!

NOMAD can set up bespoke testing & analysis for your marketing channels, and use this information to constantly improve the performance of each campaign.
All of our testing and analysis allows us to understand what is working, and most importantly, what isn’t working on your various marketing channels. This might be the wording, size or colour of the call to action buttons, the positioning of different elements on your website, the user experience of your online store, or the tone of voice in your social media posts.

Using this real-life customer behaviour, NOMAD can make changes to your marketing assets, tracking the effects to provide you with the best producing marketing estate possible.

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