Design Services

Design Services

Beautiful, creative design to communicate your brand story to your customers.

What Do We Do?

We deliver strong, appropriate design that compliments your brand, including:

How Do We Do It?

This is how we work:
Drawing on our branding specialism, the first step in any project is to understand your story. What makes you who you are, why do you offer the products you sell? We want to explore your aspirations and understand your needs as an organisation, in order to prepare your brand framework, the basis for all further projects.
In order to ensure that we understand each other’s requirements perfectly, any project will require a collaborative stage where we expand on our understanding of your brand, and the strategic outcomes of the design project. We will use this information to produce a detailed brief from which the project objectives and results will be measured.
Your favourite part of the process, seeing your ideas come to life! Drawing on our network of passionate creatives, we will provide a wide range of design services including illustration, graphic design, video production, website design, photography and much more.
If your project is web-based, the design phase is followed by the build. We produce beautiful customer-facing websites to the best modern standards. The back-end of our websites are a breeze to update, built on industry standard platforms that your team will love. Integrating our specialist design and unique imagery will make your site stand out from the crowd, including your eCommerce or online booking experience, as applicable.
Every project must meet and exceed your expectations before we release it into the wild! We ensure everything is checked and double-checked before we pass it to you for final approval.
Once everything is approved, it’s time to show off your new campaigns. NOMAD can handle all of the production, hosting and distribution required for any design product we offer, taking the stress out of the logistics for you. Once the project is live we can offer ongoing services, such as web hosting, site backups and architecture updates for websites.

Even the most beautiful website, email marketing or print campaign must be reviewed regularly to understand its impact on customer perception and return on investment. For email marketing, we offer split-testing, campaign list management and a host of other services, listed on our Marketing page.

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