It came about slowly. The culmination of events and opportunities for Mike & Bex, the people behind NOMAD. The resulting reflection and inspiration spurred on a decision to completely change direction.

Like any good change, NOMAD was conceived and developed over time. Great high-level management roles were handed over, possessions spurned and a return to the travelling lifestyle conceived. With an open-ended travel itinerary covering India, South-East Asia, East-Asia, Canada (and a little of the US), Mexico, Central & South America as a beginning, we might be working in your hometown soon!

Travel and creativity are our key drives. Bex is a passionate writer; Mike is obsessed by capturing emotive images that tell a story. This focus, combined with over twenty years’ marketing and branding experience, resulted in the business you see here today. Working together, and with a network of contacts made through our creative careers, all trusted friends & colleagues, make up NOMAD; a truly global digital marketing solution!